The Stone – Nekroza (Review)

The StoneThe Stone are a Serbian Black Metal band and this is their seventh album.

These veterans have been around for almost 20 years so they have their quality levels tweaked to go as high as they can.

Nekroza consists of 56 minutes of scything Black Metal that the band have crafted from midnight and misanthropy. Each song seems chiselled from solidified hatred and finished with a glossy coating of sleekness.

The album boasts a strong sound and all instruments are played clearly with even the bass having a presence. The band sound sharp and ready to kill.

The Stone attack the songs with the fervour of the devout and each hymn represents the band in good form.

The tracks are fast and furious but never stagnant or stale sounding. They have a Swedish influence to their Black Metal but this is offset by everything else the bring to the table.

Colourful melodies prevent the album from becoming one dimensional but never blunt the band’s bite or dull the attack. The band understand the art of songwriting and use their skilled use of dynamics to craft Melodic Black Metal songs that fill me with both nostalgia for what was, pride in what is and hope for what might once be again.

The Stone are a talented band and should be sought out by all Black Metal devotees.

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