Nullingroots – Into the Grey (Review)

NullingrootsThis is the fourth album from post-black metal band Nullingroots.

Nullingroots play a form of post-black metal that incorporates the black/shoegaze style with emotive post-rock and a helping of depressive darkness. It’s a compelling recipe for an engaging and affecting album.

Full of blistering aggression and fiery speed, this is combined with beautifully emotive melodies and lush introspection to produce atmospheric post-black metal of a superior variety. The songs are long and involved, frequently alternating passionate distorted assaults with light, calm oases of feeling. These two aspects are equally frequently merged together, which actually produces some of the most affecting material on Into the Grey.

The vocals are mainly comprised of needle-thin screams that seem to scratch at the corners of your subconscious like serrated knives that you know are probably envenomed. This is my preferred vocal style for this kind of highly emotive atmospheric extremity, one which the singer of Nullingroots performs with admirable vitriol. The other styles that occasionally appear are all very well-performed too; I love the deathgrowls on Aqua, for example.

The production is as well-judged as the musical content. The album sounds cold and sleek, while still retaining enough emotive warmth to connect with the listener in just the right way. This is partially down to the actual music itself, of course, but the recording facilitates this well, sounding professional and polished, but without losing any of black metal’s inherent bite.

With a heady mix of dark brutality and atmospheric sorrow, the songs on this album each have their own character and impact, while effortlessly contributing to the whole. Overall this is almost an hour of beautiful aggression played by people that are committed to their art.

Very highly recommended.

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