Inquisitor – Stigmata Me, I’m in Misery (Review)

InquisitorInquisitor are a death/thrash metal band from the Netherlands and this is their second album.

This is the band’s first album in over 20 years, and with many fans eagerly awaiting it, there’s no shortage of expectation about this release in some quarters.

Inquisitor are a band known for their extremity. Stigmata Me, I’m in Misery is a blistering mix of death and thrash metal that’s furiously played and excessively aggressive. What’s not to like?

With a faultless veteran pedigree, this is a fiery 35 minutes of music that takes all of its old-school influences and vomits them into the present day with passion and no small amount of energy. Inquisitor’s last album was released in 1996, but this is certainly its logical successor and could almost have been released a couple of years later, (had it existed, of course).

There’s more than just raging speed to this album, but by crikey the band don’t hold back when they truly let loose. This honest love of thrashing death metal is great to see, and this passion comes through into the music quite clearly.

Stigmata Me, I’m in Misery contains nine tracks of highly enjoyable fist-pumping and neck-breaking music. It’s infectious, and at only 35 minutes in length, very easy to binge listen to.

Well worth it.

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