Exalter – Persecution Automated (Review)

ExalterExalter are a thrash metal band from Bangladesh and this is their debut album.

Exalter’s 2016 release Obituary for the Living was a strong and confident blast of aggressive thrash, and Persecution Automated continues what they started on their earlier work.

Full of ripping riffs, deadly drums, and violent vocals, the songs on this album are honest old-school examples of how to write enjoyable, satisfying thrash metal.

These songs are rough and ready, filled with spiky, jagged guitars and radioactive energy. Exalter certainly aren’t of the shiny, polished school of thrash metal, and their sound definitely has an underground appeal.

Listening to this album you can almost imagine that the last 30 years or so never happened, so authentic is the material that Exalter have unleashed on the world. The sound, feel, and composition of these songs are all so old-school that there’s actually a certain youthful innocence and enthusiasm that surrounds this work, despite how ancient sounding it is in many ways; Exalter seem to have tapped into the thrash metal wellspring and drank deeply.

There’s no frills, no nonsense, no filler; Persecution Automated is simply 35 minutes of thrashing Armageddon.

Fans of bands such as Kreator, Sodom, and Destruction will surely delight in this.

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