Circle of Salt – Suffer the Cold (Review)

Circle of SaltCircle of Salt is a one man Canadian black metal band and this is his debut album.

Suffer the Cold contains two immense tracks of black metal splendour, totalling 39 minutes.

This is atmospheric black metal that channels both aggressive beauty and frozen fury through its ice-cold heart.

The music is nuanced and well-composed, reeking of blackened darkness, alongside a sense of natural grandeur. Like a colder version of the Cascadian style, with added doom influences, these tracks are vast and full of harsh delivery.

Like the best of releases, this is one that transports from everyday surroundings and transcends the mundane. Leading the listener on a dark and mysterious journey, the music provides both satisfaction and substance.

Suffer the Cold is an album of grim, frosted delights and hidden depths. Explore these at your peril, as the lands this album hunts in are dangerous and cold.

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