Flesh Martyr – Echoes of a Distant Weeping (Review)

Flesh MartyrFlesh Martyr are a Greek death/doom band and this is their debut EP.

After a typically pointless/throwaway intro, Flesh Martyr offer up three solid songs of death/doom.

The music is downbeat and full of emotive riffs. The band’s compositions make good use of depressed melodies to convey their forlorn messages, and they seem to know what they’re doing with the material.

The tracks are well-written and delivered at mainly a slow pace, emphasising the doom side of the death/doom equation. Each of these songs creates atmosphere easily, welling up out of the emphatic guitars as they produce their engaging riffs and melodies.

The singer has a decent growl, and his voice is quite satisfying. The production is serviceable, and should only improve as the band progresses.

I like the confident delivery that Flesh Martyr already seem to have, even at such an early point in their development. It should hopefully serve them well for the future.

Echoes of a Distant Weeping shows a band at the beginning of their developmental journey. It’s an enjoyable listen in its own right, but definitely speaks of much promise for the days ahead of them too.

Ones to keep an eye on.


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