Cryostasium – Starbound (Review)

CryostasiumThis is the latest EP from US one man black metal band Cryostasium.

This is black metal that mixes raw, depressive, and psychedelic elements, with ambient, experimental, and atmospheric moments. The end result is this 26 minute EP, which is engaging and highly immersive.

Fuzzy, underground black metal is what greets you when you press play, but it’s a particular strain of the virulent blackened plague that’s enhanced with atmospheric accompaniments and emotive groove by the bucketful.

Usually slow or mid-paced, the rhythm guitars alone are enough to grab and hold the listener’s attention. Add to this rich leads and enhancing synths, as well as some cosmic melodies and the occasional, exceptional use of bells, you have a collection of tracks that are quite sublime.

The vocals are low in the mix, hidden behind walls of powerful-yet-fragile guitars. The singer is clearly more interested in staying out of the limelight than becoming a traditional focal point, but that doesn’t lessen his performance in a range of styles one bit. Both cleans and screams are used, both extremely well, and both in such a fashion that they merge with the music to become one with everything else here.

This is a very enjoyable release, it must be said. This is highly atmospheric black metal that really does take you out of your surroundings and into another world.

Very highly recommended.

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