Scour – Red (Review)

ScourThis is the latest EP from US black metal band Scour.

Containing members and ex-members of bands such as Pig Destroyer, Decrepit Birth, Cattle Decapitation, Down, Pantera, Misery Index, and many, many others, before you even listen to this you know that a lot of experience has gone into it.

Red is 16 minutes of violent extremity. Blending malignant black metal and grindcore into a disgusting pot of foul broth, this EP is savage and serrated, but not without colour or depth.

The songs have a focused dark assault, fuelled by blistering grindcore and harsh blackened melodies. As hybrid styles go this really does fuse black metal and grindcore together very well indeed, taking elements from both and smashing them into new and virulent ways. A frosted blackened coating covers everything here, meaning that overall the style is one of a black metal band more than anything else, but one that’s kept in check and had its life cut short by the brevity and directness of grindcore.

The music is straightforward and highly effective. Taking second wave black metal as a base and using grind to ensure that it’s kept on a brutal, short leash, these songs are extremely enjoyable and very satisfying listens. With some surprisingly catchy melodies and a vocal performance that’s impressively delivered, Red is a thoroughly engaging listen.

Very highly recommended indeed.

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