Dirtyprotest – Hellstorm (Review)

DirtyprotestDirtyprotest are an Irish death metal band and this is their debut album.

Essentially a one-man band with a main guest singer, (and some additional ones too), Hellstorm offers up 35 minutes of classic death metal. It’s old-school and has a predilection for the Swedish style – what’s not to like?

The answer is, not a lot, really. This is competently put-together death metal, that has the occasional hint of grind and hardcore thrown in for good measure. It’s brutal, effective, and knows itself quite well.

The songs will knock you down as soon as look at you, and the mix of various old-school styles works well. Swedish and Bolt Thrower-styled death metal go together quite nicely anyway, but the added grind and hardcore influences thoroughly gel too. The are some nice dark melodic ideas at play here as well, lifting many parts of the songs up even further.

Deep growls backed up by higher screams are the main mode of assault, and they both sound great. Other vocals, provided by further guests, also appear, and it’s hard to fault anything in the vocal department. Or, for that matter, in any other.

With a heavy, gritty production, the package is complete. Hellstorm does its job admirably.

This is a well-rounded and very enjoyable slab of brutality. Make sure you have a listen to this, and strap in for safety before you do.

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