Aynsophar – Abysmal Secrets of Unknown (Review)

AynsopharAynsophar is a Hungarian one-woman progressive death metal band.

It’s always nice to hear a bit of progressive death metal, especially when done well as it is here.

The music on this EP owes a clear influence to Death, but thankfully doesn’t limit itself to just hero worship. These songs use that as a launching pad to explore the artist’s love of death metal-based progressive structures and mind-bending melodies.

Along with a certain level of heaviness that you would expect form the style, the music creates atmosphere and mood through melody and complex guitarwork. There are some really enjoyable riffs, leads, and solos across these songs, and it’s clear that the woman behind the band knows what she’s doing.

The songs are frequently intricate and involved, and have the complex nature you’d be likely to associate with instrumental tracks, despite the fact that there actually are vocals. The latter are delivered by guests, providing a focal point to the frequently wandering basslines or expressive guitars.

This is an impressive and enjoyable first EP. I definitely look forward to hearing whatever comes next from Aynsophar.


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