Widziadło – Void (Review)

WidziadłoWidziadło are a Polish black metal band and this is their debut album.

This is atmospheric black metal, with expansive songs and cosmic themes.

Void is a multifaceted release that takes its various influences and weaves them together into a rich tapestry of blackened atmospherics and dark ambient soundscapes.

The album is ethereal and cold, seemingly fleeting, yet also timeless. The band take melodic influence from the Wolves in the Throne Room school of blackened atmosphere, while also adopting shoegaze influences from the likes of Alcest, and undertaking otherworldly expeditions inspired by cosmic explorers such as Mesarthim. All of this is added to by some fiery underground blackened aggression where necessary, resulting in an overall package that’s very well-rounded and well-performed.

You can tell that a lot of time and thought has gone into these compositions, as there’s a lot of nuance and detail in the songs. There’s good flow to the music, with each section segueing naturally from one part to the next. I also like the fact that there seems to be quite a lot going on in the background. Once you look past the band’s more obvious assets, there’s a considerable wealth of additional elements and enhancements that the band have inserted, almost hidden, as a subtle afterthought. Whether you consciously focus on this aspect of the music or not, it’s still there, and its presence improves the whole.

Void is a very enjoyable album. It seems to have been some time in the making, but it’s clear that this extra care and attention to detail has been more than worth it. Atmospheric black metal of this calibre and quality is not encountered every day.

Highly recommended.

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