King Parrot – Ugly Produce (Review)

King ParrotKing Parrot are an Australian thrashgrind band, and this is their third album.

While 2013’s Bite Your Head Off was on the grindier side of the spectrum, but still imbued with a thrash vitality, 2015’s Dead Set played with the thrash side more, with longer songs and more involved compositions.

Ugly Produce, however, provides us with a mix of the two, smashing the band’s thrash and grind influences together in what probably feels like the most consistent and natural way yet.

Heavy and fast, the songs on Ugly Produce rip and tear their way through the playing time with belligerent appeal and undisputed attitude. What makes King Parrot stand out, however, is their songwriting skills; the songs may be simplistic ragers in many ways, but the band are adept at crafting them into catchy and memorable slices of feral intensity.

The band’s material continues to be a highly energetic and personable mix of thrash, grind, and hardcore. As alluded to earlier, I think that Ugly Produce is the band’s best release yet, combining, as it does, the best traits from their previous albums into one storming sub-30 minute ball of rage and bile.

King Parrot have always had a distinct personality of their own. This is largely because of their hybrid style and individual character, which is not only down to their inherent musical charisma, but also down to their distinctive snarling vocalist. The band have always managed to stand a decent distance apart from many bands that might be considered their peers, and due to the quality of Ugly Produce this is only going to become more pronounced over time. In case you’re unsure; this is a good thing. On Ugly Produce King Parrot sound more like themselves than ever before, and this is an album that’s very easy to listen to over and over again.

Catchy, memorable, energetic thrashgrind? Reach for King Parrot.

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