Implore – Subjugate (Review)

ImploreImplore are a German grindcore band and this is their second album.

What’s in a genre tag, eh? Grindcore this may be, but that appellation doesn’t tell the whole story, for that we have to expand the genre label a tad. Quite a bit actually; blackened crust deathgrind. How about that? Closer to the truth, but definitely an unwieldy mouthful.

Basically, this is 34 minutes of grinding, crusty, blackened destruction. The songs pummel and crush, fuelled by anger and hatred. The sonic violence contained in this music is visceral and energetic, straining at the leash as it tries to draw blood.

Taking everything from Aborted, Nails, Converge, Terrorizer, Napalm Death, and many more for inspiration, Subjugate is a pitch-black cocktail of violence. This is the kind of infectious aggression that I can’t get enough of. As you may have guessed though, there’s more than just simple aggression here, and the 14 tracks that make up this malignant release are surprisingly diverse and well-differentiated for something that’s essentially the aural equivalent of a kick in the teeth.

Tone and feeling are explored, alongside nuance and dark atmosphere. Of course, this is all within the context of scathing grindcore/hardcore, so don’t go expecting resplendent introspection or fragile progressive structures. Implore are all about the application of force and terror, but within this they know some interesting ways to get their wetwork done.

The production is professional and tight, but without losing its grim, underworld appeal or aesthetics. Combined with the ferocious vocals, abrasive riffs, solid drums, and malevolent attitude, Subjugate is an album to visit over and over again, whenever you find yourself wishing you had more bruises and cuts.

2 thoughts on “Implore – Subjugate (Review)”

  1. This is and the Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition album that came out this summer are two of the best grind albums I’ve heard in a long time. I really like grind bands that bring some other sounds into the fold and this is exactly what Implore does. I cant get enough of this album, thanks for introducing us.

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