Bedwetter – Bedwetter (Review)

BedwetterBedwetter are a UK grindcore band of sorts. This is their debut EP.

From the prolific mind behind Barrabus, Medulla Nocte, Lazarus Blackstar, The Sontaran Experiment, and more, this is crazy stuff. A sort of chaotic, avant-garde grind/hardcore blend of violence and insanity, Bedwetter have unleashed seven minutes of frenzied absurdity on the world.

This music really is quite unreasonable. I mean, when you have something that veers wildly between grind, noise, jazz, hardcore, and outright chaos, what are you meant to do with it? Well, in the case of Bedwetter, you’re meant to enjoy the sickly warm smell of it all, that’s what.

Taking influence from the early forays into sonic extremity and borderless mayhem that was Fantômas, Bedwetter offer a nastier, more consistent, and more savage version of this, replete with a surprising amount of memorability baked into these very short tracks.

The music is raw and underground and defiantly individual. Despite some stylistic similarities to groups like Fantômas, Stench Price, and Grossty, the reality is that there’s not really a lot out there that sounds too much like this. This is probably a good thing, partially because most people wouldn’t be able to handle it, and partially because it might dilute the nature of the rough gems of extremity that Bedwetter offer us.

One for fans of charismatic, atypical, quirky grindcore. Check this out, and get ready to clean up after yourself once you’ve done so.

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