Grossty – Crocopter (Review)

GrosstyGrossty are an Indian grindcore band and this is their debut album.

Oh yeah! It’s always fun to hear a band that take a standard style and mutate it with their own passionate interpretation, and Grossty do exactly that with the short-bouts-of-violence grindcore template.

Featuring 21 tracks in just under 21 minutes, this may be short but doesn’t lack in colour, variety or ideas. If you like grindcore that employs a playful approach to extremity, savage blast beats and ugly vocals, then Grossty are for you.

Raw, underground and ugly like the worst ugly ugger you’re ever seen, Grossty take punk brutality, speed it up through a lens of utter chaos and then let loose two depraved vocalists over the top of it. The end result is kind of a fantasy car crash of a collaboration between Cripple Bastards and Brutal Truth, if both bands weren’t allowed to know they were working with each other and were whipped and assaulted the entire time they were trying to play.

Despite having the attention span of a gnat, this is hugely enjoyable if you have a taste for short and nasty snatches of aggressive mayhem. There’s an obvious passion and enthusiasm across these songs, and not just from the unhinged singers.

Surely this level of commitment to grinding extremity must be rewarded? I mean, come on.

At the end of the album you’re kind of spent, but do you know what? You definitely want to do it again. It’s surprisingly energising and life-affirming.

You’ve got to give this one a try.

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