Inhuman – Inhuman (Review)

Inhuman - InhumanInhuman are a Belgian symphonic metal band and this is their debut album.

Inhuman mix together symphonic metal’s epic flamboyance with death metal’s bark and bite. The end result is an album that’s heavier and more aggressive than the norm for many bands who play in this arena, and all the better for it.

Inhuman really takes me back to the beauty and the beast style of Gothic metal that was so popular in certain circles about two decades ago, and due to how proficient the band are at what they do, this is no bad thing. The album reminds me of a cross between bands like Septic Flesh, Dimmu Borgir, Trail of Tears, The Sins of Thy Beloved, Nightwish, and Leaves Eyes. At least, those will do as a starting reference point. Inhuman exist on the heavier side of things for a band of this sort, and it’s all credit to them that they do; the added aggression and darkness that their death metal influences bring to the table enriches the music’s offer considerably.

The songs are well-written and it’s clear that the band have a lot of skill. Orchestral and operatic elements are woven into the band’s music from the base up; pleasingly, the music avoids sounding like these aspects have just been tacked on. The symphonic elements are omnipresent, but not intrusive. Sometimes they add discrete layers, while at others they take the full focus of the listener’s attention as everything else drops away. Mostly they exist within these two extremes, adding drama, atmosphere, and bombast, as necessary.

Both of the singers are very competent, with professional performances all-round. The female clean vocals are strong and powerful, with effortless presence. The male growls are daemonic and aggressive, but not overly so, (unless they need to be). Other styles appear too, adding to the band’s vocal toolkit very well.

Inhuman is a very confident, professional, and well-developed album. Its heaviness is part of what helps differentiate it from its peers in such an overcrowded genre, but it’s the enjoyable songs that cause the listener to stick around after the initial favourable impressions.

Highly recommended.

One thought on “Inhuman – Inhuman (Review)”

  1. I think your words are very true! This album is great; it’s grotesque, heavy and very original. And what about the technical aspects, wow! Take the time to listen this firecracker with your headphones on, and be carried away! This band deserves to be respected, and cheered at – as soon as they’ll be allowed to come play at your venue!

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