Deception – The Mire (Review)

Deception - The MireDeception are a death metal band from Norway and this is their third album.

Deception play their death metal with a combination of sleek melodic skill, tempered brutality, and symphonic highlights. Bands such as Septic Flesh, Hypocrisy, and Darkane may come to mind, and a blend of the three is a good place to start when considering The Mire.

The songs are aggressive and harsh, yet refined with engaging melodies and accented with symphonic atmosphere. The tracks are all well-written, showcasing the band’s capabilities with structure and form, allowing them to build a compelling album with many hooks and memorable features. A range of paces and moods are used to construct the songs, resulting in  an album that can offer hostile blast beats one second, and more mood-driven songcraft the next. On The Mire the brutal exists quite happily next to the epic, and we’re all better off as a result of it.

I particularly like how Deception handle the symphonic elements in their sound. These are used relatively subtly, even when they are prominently displayed. Rather than have them lead the way, the band use them more as an enhancement technique, adding a layer of rich texture to parts of the music. It’s effective, and frequently works very well with the melodic guitars to produce great effects.

The Mire is an album I’ve very much enjoyed. It has the right mix of brutality and heaviness, melodic and symphonic components, and smart songwriting skills to satisfy and keep me returning to it.

Very highly recommended.

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