Horrified – Allure of the Fallen (Review)

HorrifiedHorrified are a UK death metal band and this is their third album.

The progression from Horrified’s old-school death metal debut album Descent into Putridity and their sleeker melodic death metal incarnation on last year’s Of Despair was both marked and accomplished.

Now, only a year later, we have their new opus Allure of the Fallen. Stylistically this is closer to Of Despair than that record was to their debut album, but that doesn’t mean Horrified have simply repeated themselves. No, Allure of the Fallen takes the melodic approach to death metal that the band developed on their second album to greater heights than they ever achieved previously. Horrified have both refined and extended their sound, resulting in songs that are longer than the death metal standard and contain an increased amount of progressive content.

The old-school Swedish sound that still had, (a very much reduced), presence on their second album has now totally been jettisoned in favour of the more sophisticated Swedish melodic assault that Of Despair did so well. The new music develops this even more though, taking it to new heights, as well as further increasing the burgeoning Death-esque progressive component of the songs.

This is epic, soaring, emotive melodic death metal, the likes of which draws you in and absolutely won’t let go until it’s finally ready to. The songs are well-written and take the listener on a journey, one that is accompanied every step of the way by bright riffs, fast drums, wandering bass, grim growls, and evocative metallic soundscapes.

Horrified’s development and progression over these three albums has been a joy to see. In many ways the progression between second and third albums is the most satisfying. Whereas the change in style from first to second was essentially a wholesale shift in sound, the difference between second and third is more of a refinement and honing of the band’s art; the sound of a band truly zeroing in on the type of music that they want to play.

Highly recommended.

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