Black March – Praeludium Exterminii (Review)

Black MarchThis is the debut album from French black metallers Black March.

Here we have a little over 40 minutes of second wave black metal mixed with both a melodic and a thrash influence. It’s fast, sharp, and full of feral attitude.

The songs are well-written affairs that dispense with almost all frills or extravagances and go in firmly for the kill.

Dashes of colour occasionally pepper the dark riffs in the form of rousing solos, and although not overstated, the melodic black metal influence that appears in some of the guitars provides a scything, textured delivery alongside the grimmer riffs and thrashier parts. All of this merges together under a suitably blackened aegis, making for songs that are both enjoyable and satisfying.

The album is relatively diverse for this kind of release, with the blackened delivery given added depth by good use of dynamics, structuring, and pace. There are also a fair amount of interesting and good ideas spread out across the tracks, including atmospheric sections and some added piano.

The band features the drummer of the technically insane First Fragment, and he powers these songs with driving riffs and punishing precision. Whether it’s blasting speed or providing a simple groovy backbone, the performance is a solid and strong one, and the songs benefit from his presence.

The vocalist’s caustic high-pitched screams are perfectly judged and delivered with the energetic passion of the fanatic.

Praeludium Exterminii is a strong debut release, one which excels in what it does. Sharp and fast, this is serrated black metal that leaves scars in all of the right places.

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