Catalyst – Dawn of a Dreadful Fate (Review)

CatalystCatalyst are a French death metal band and this is their debut EP.

Catalyst are a death metal band that mix in elements of thrash, progressive, atmospheric, and modern metal into their music.

Featuring only four songs, there is still 24 minutes of material spread out over this release, making it on the longer side for an EP.

Deathgrowls and blackened screams anchor the music down in the brutal dirt, while the music rages and thrashes around them. There’s more here than just raw aggression though, as Catalyst amply show over the course of these songs.

The music mainly operates in classic death metal territories, but also takes detours into other areas too. The main and obvious one would be that of thrash metal, but there’s also some more modern influences here and there taken from groove and progressive metal; although it should be noted that these have been comprehensively assimilated into the deathly delivery of the songs, so don’t go expecting Catalyst to sound like your favourite shiny new band anytime soon.

Although certainly on the brutal end of the spectrum, this is not lacking in melody, nuance, or atmosphere when it needs to be. Tracks likeĀ The Catalyst’s End demonstrate a good mix of everything here, with old-school death metal, melodic thrash, Opeth-esque progressive wanderings, and some atmospheric enhancements all sharing space within the seven and a half minute track. It’s well-written and quite enjoyable; the same of which can be said for the rest of the songs too, actually.

Catalyst have strongly stepped into the world for the first time and are already confidently making their mark. I eagerly look forward to what they do next, especially if they refine and develop their sound even further.

Highly promising; keep an eye on this lot.


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