Ligæder – Fordøjet Levende (Review)

LigæderLigæder are a Danish death metal band and this is their debut EP.

This is ugly, rotting, primitive music that has a blackened crusty aspect to it alongside the crushing death metal onslaught that is the band’s main mode of delivery.

The black metal and crust influences are well and truly sewn into the band’s death metal, in a patchwork display of tattered skin and bloody limbs. This is more of a death metal release than not, but those other two styles are there, infecting everything with purulent disease. It’s hard to dislike music as fetid and filthy as this.

The songs are heavy, depraved, and mercilessly assault the listener with impunity. The band’s brand of dirty, slimy aggression is extremely enjoyable, remaining memorable even when the last bit of grime has been thoroughly expunged and purified.

The vocals are dark and evil sounding, akin to something nasty that lurks in the night being given a microphone and told to just go for it.

A strong and notable first release, putting me in mind of some form of unholy cross between Teeth, Fister, Tides of Sulfur, Autopsy, and Entombed.

I look forward to whatever Ligæder do in the future, but this is still a highly recommended listen in its own right.

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