Hogan’s Goat – Hogan’s Goat (Review)

Hogan's GoatHogan’s Goat are from the US and play hard/stoner rock. This is their debut album.

This is Southern-styled stoner/hard rock that should appeal to fans of bands such as Clutch, Red Fang, Mastodon, and the like.

The songs are simple and enjoyable, boasting catchy vocals and guitar riffs that are easy to get on first name terms with.

This is an album that, on first glance, looks like a lot of other stoner albums out there. However, when you take a closer look, there’s more here than initially meets the eye. There’s a vague whiff of the early 90s about this release that helps differentiate the band from a lot of more contemporary artists. This older influence, as well as the Southern elements, help to lift Hogan’s Goat above a lot of their peers and into their own space, one which the band sink into easily, making it their own.

This is true of the music and the vocals; both have an individual air about them, despite also being shamelessly of the stoner/hard/Southern rock genres at the same time. Essentially, I suppose, it boils down to the fact that the band are good at what they do; they know how to rock out in such a fashion that the listener feels instantly at home, while also injecting enough of their personality and character into their style so that they differentiate themselves adequately from others.

The end result? An album that kicks arse and sounds good. What more can you ask for, really?

Check out Hogan’s Goat and get ready to rawk.

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