Krypta – In Torment (Review)

KryptaThis is the debut EP from Italian death metallers Krypta.

This is a short and enjoyable EP that’s inspired by the Swedish style. At just under 18 minutes in length, it’s long enough to get your teeth into, but short enough to leave you wanting more.

Steamroller groove mixed with macabre melody and faster brutality is the order of business over these five tracks, and business seems to be booming. I’ve a soft spot for this kind of thing, for sure, but Krypta certainly seem to know what they’re doing with the style.

There are some nicely chunky riffs played on here. The melodic components of the songs aren’t overused, and when they appear they fit in well with the band’s sense of rhythmic heaviness so that everything flows naturally.

Like the band’s melodic aspects, blast beats are used sparingly and to good effect. Most of the material on In Torment is fast, but without descending into blast beats, although there is a good amount of variety in the speeds on offer. The songs are well-written, so whether Krypta assault the listener with upbeat murderous intent, a mid-paced bludgeoning, or a, (rarer), slower pace, everything here is quite pleasing.

The singer has a very decent deathgrowl that doesn’t let the side down. He knows his grisly work, and sets about it with efficiency and grim determination. Very nice.

To sum up – this is old-school Swedish-styled death metal that’s obviously played by people with a passion for the style. I very much enjoyed this, and recommend you give them a listen.

One thought on “Krypta – In Torment (Review)”

  1. It’s such a great year for death metal and this is one of the best ep’s I’ve heard. Thanks for reviewing this and keeping me up to date.

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