Derais – Of Angel’s Seed and Devil’s Harvest (Review)

DeraisThis is the debut album from Derais, a German funeral doom band.

This is dark, apocalyptic funeral doom, with long songs and deep atmospheres.

The recording is strong and robust, showcasing the band’s bleak musical output in the most appropriate half-light for this kind of thing.

Heavy and advancing at a malevolent crawl, the majority of the music on this release is slow and somber. Starting off with two relatively short instrumental tracks that are similar in approach and complementary in mood and feeling; Angel’s Seed is slow, heavy, and distressing, while Devil’s Harvest is initially lighter and more textured, before the heavy guitars kick in, seeming to foreshadow the approaching end times in an equally heavy and slow way.

Both of these initial songs are quite absorbing, but it’s the two second tracks, (Hellbless and White Night), that are the main courses in this dirge-fuelled feast, lasting almost 17 and 21 minutes respectively. Both of these tracks are absolute beasts, and both of them are worth the proverbial price of admission alone.

Heavy guitars and mournful leads crush the listener relentlessly as Hellbless unfolds in all of its grim majesty. Some of the despondent melodies are reminiscent of some of Septic Flesh or Paradise Lost’s work, only drawn out to extreme lengths as the music inevitably creeps forward with inexorable power. When vocals first appear they reveal themselves to be the unhinged wailings of a madman. Interspersed with various samples, the result is highly emotive music twinned with feelings of mental abuse and despair. It’s a surprisingly effective combination and Hellbless builds and maintains a thick, shadowy, and depressing mood over its playing time until it comes to a fatalistic end.

The epic-length final track White Light continues in a similar style, only longer, slower, and with a more malevolent feeling rather than a deranged one. It’s much less melodic than its predecessor, and is a torturous, repetitive journey, punctuated by samples throughout. The vocals seem to be absent on this track, but this doesn’t hinder its effectiveness at all.

Derais have produced an apocalyptic slab of funeral doom that works well in creating mood and feeling through bleak atmospheres and surprisingly effective use of samples.

Have a listen to this and see what you think.

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