Slug Comparison – IIa (Review)

Slug ComparisonThis is the latest EP from Slug Comparison, a one-man Canadian progressive rock band.

Slug Comparison’s self-titled debut album, was a very enjoyable and well-realised 41 minutes of modern rock. It reminded me of a mix of elements of bands like Radiohead, Nine Inch Nails, Steven Wilson, and Sunna.

Continuing this theme from the first album, but developing it further; this EP contains only 12 minutes of new music, but this is all about quality over quantity. Each of the tracks demonstrates well the modern, dark rock that this artist does so well.

I think it’s mainly this inherent, sometimes hidden, darkness that I connect with. If these tracks were a shade or two brighter or more upbeat, I probably wouldn’t get along with them so well. However, even though there are parts of the music that are both bright and upbeat, it’s this darker core that entices me back for more.

This could be something a simple as a certain riff, a vocal melody, whatever; this downbeat negativity is there, which is why these songs are so effective, much like those of the aforementioned influences from earlier. There’s a power and strength here that’s born from this.

Professionally produced and delivered, this is a remarkably strong and impressive release. I’d say that the songwriting and production values are better than ever.

Apparently IIa is the start in a series of EP release. Get in at the start and listen to this.

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