Slug Comparison – IIb (Review)

Slug ComparisonThis is the latest EP from Slug Comparison, a one-man Canadian progressive rock band.

This is the follow up to IIa, which only came out earlier this year. This EP contains a fresh 11 minutes or so of new music, based around the theme of loss.

I like Slug Comparison, I do, but I must confess that the cover of this latest EP upsets and unnerves me in ways that I can’t quite fully articulate. I know you shouldn’t judge the proverbial book by it’s cover, but still…


IIb continues on from Slug Comparison’s earlier work, albeit in a more minimalist way. This is Slug Comparison laid bare, with raw emotive heart open wide for all to see. The songs are vocally-driven and clearly heartfelt. Enhanced and given deeper life by tasteful string arrangements, this is some of the most affecting work that this artist has released.

There’s a fragile beauty here, tinged with obvious sadness. Both songs are well-written and well-performed, taking shape easily beneath the careful hand of their maker, they’re quite exceptional pieces of music.

Slug Comparison’s best work yet.

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