Harbinger – Human Dust (Review)

HarbingerHarbinger are a UK metal band and this is their latest EP.

Contemporary and highly aggressive, this is music that’s been sharpened to a killing point.

Technical metal, djent, metalcore, deathcore, etc. all make their presence felt across these furious six tracks, and the band’s relentlessly modern approach to their heaviness is as rewarding as it is barbed.

Mix elements of All Shall Perish, Sylosis, Cattle Decapitation, Thy Art Is Murder, etc. together and you’ll have a good idea of where Harbinger are coming from.

This is heavy music that borrows liberally from its influences and the different modern styles that it worships. Blast beats, breakdowns, tech workouts, and melodic refrains are all well-preformed and delivered by a band that are obviously passionate about what they do.

The band’s singer unleashes his hardcore shouts with gusto and enthusiasm, also breaking into screams and cleans now and again for added emphasis. He’s as aggressive and as professional sounding as the rest of the music, and is clearly an asset to the band.

This is a brutally enjoyable way to spend a belligerent 23 minutes.

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