Faunus – Where Everything Begins with an End (Review)

FaunusFaunus is a one-man Greek black metal band and this is his debut album.

This is atmospheric black metal, with long songs that are inspired by the natural world. Each track is dedicated to a season and has its own atmosphere and character dedicated to exploring this theme; the artist seems to have gone to great lengths in an attempt to make sure that each track has its own identity based on whichever season it represents. This is noticeable and works quite effectively.

The album takes the Cascadian style and fuses it with an underground aesthetic, alongside elements of doom, shoegaze, and post-black metal. This mix of different styles is used across the sprawling songs to depict the various moods and feelings well. Sometimes the emphasis is on a raw, blackened assault, at others it’s soaring, arcing melodies, while at others it’s icy cold rhythm guitars.

Of course, these are only some of the examples of the content on Where Everything Begins with an End, as there’s a lot of different material on here to get your teeth into.

Grim screams are the main chosen method of vocalisation throughout. I like the way they are performed in the classic blackened style, and they work well because of this.

This album takes the listener on a journey through the seasons, set to a black metal soundtrack that effectively depicts the artist’s feelings towards each individual period. It’s a very enjoyable and enticing path that has been carved here, one that’s definitely worth taking the time to explore.

Highly recommended.

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