Macabre Demise – Apocalypse (Review)

Macabre DemiseMacabre Demise is a one-man German death metal band and this is his latest EP.

2015’s Homicidal Parasites was a furiously fun slab of brutality, so it’s great to now have Macabre Demise back for more with this short 12 minute EP.

This wastes no time getting down to business, but it’s clear from the start that Macabre Demise is a slightly different beast in 2017. Fear not – this is still brutal death metal, but more refined.

There’s an increased sense of melody and dynamics at play on these tracks it seems. The underground, brutal death metal and grindcore influences can still be heard in places, but there’s more to Macabre Demise than just barbarity on this release. The songs are better written, surprisingly catchy, and these days incorporate elements of old-school death metal, the Swedish style, and some Cannibal Corpse-esque USDM.

This progression in Macabre Demise is great to see, especially as it’s done so well. These tracks are highly effective killers, slaying with an efficiancy and joyous abandon that was absent from the earlier material of this band.

Packaged with a strong, full, clear sound, it means that these four tracks can spend all their time battering and brutalising the listener into submission. Both sonically and musically Macabre Demise has never sounded better.

Well well, an unexpected delight. Macabre Demise is shaping up to be something quite special.

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