Ordem Satânica – Monte da Lua (Review)

Ordem SatanicaThis is the debut album from this Portuguese black metal band.

We’ve met this band before with 2016’s Ventos de Ódio, which made me hungry for more. Monte da Lua is here to satiate that hunger.

Providing us with seven hymns across 49 minutes, Ordem Satânica continue to play ugly, underground black metal of the rawest variety.

This is a release that’s definitely on the grimmest end of the blackened spectrum. Polished and sparkling this it not, so if you’re looking for something along those lines then you’d better move along now; this is for fanatical adherents to the original second wave underground style only.

Worshipping the old-school and steeped in malignant evil, the tracks on Monte da Lua are anachronistic examples of a style that refuses to die, continuing the dark legacy started all those many years ago and perpetuating it with plagued dedication and undying devotion.

The band play their style with icy passion and cold enthusiasm. The songs are mercilessly chaotic and evil, with streaks of dark melody and harrowing atmosphere hidden underneath a near-impenetrable outer layer of necrotic grime.

The ultimate question for a band like this is, (indeed, any band, actually); “is it any good?”. Although all music is subjective by its very nature, in the case of Ordem Satânica’s debut album I have to respond with a resounding “yes”.

As with anything like this, it won’t be for everyone. This has been recorded in such a brittle, frozen manner that the sound alone will scare most people off, never mind the barbed, spiky poison that is the music itself. There’s an iron strength to the actual songs themselves though, make no mistake; Ordem Satânica are possessed of a singular will, one which has seen them create Monte da Lua to spread their sickness throughout the lands. I, for one, am glad that they did.

Underground fans rejoice, for new Ordem Satânica has arrived.

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