Witherfall – A Prelude to Sorrow (Review)

Witherfall - A Prelude to SorrowThis is the second album from Witherfall, a progressive/melodic metal band from the US.

Featuring members and ex-members of various notable bands, including Iced Earth, this is 57 minutes of polished, dark heavy metal that’s a blend of exotic power metal, rich melodic metal, and progressive metal exploratory worldbuilding.

Now this is quality stuff, and a little different from what you might expect from something with the power metal appellation; happy, bright, and shiny this is not. Witherfall’s music is dark and filled with tragedy and loss. This does, however, make for an extremely compelling and enjoyable listen.

This album is a captivating and rewarding experience, and quite the journey. The music is intricate and involved, while still having plenty of hooks and catchiness to satisfy those that require instant gratification. The songs are very well-written and have a diversity of delivery that justifies the playing time. Each track here clearly has its purpose, and this is not wasted on any of them. Full of compositions that are thoughtful and nuanced, while also catering to people who like some pure metallic heft, A Prelude to Sorrow is essentially a potential future classic.

While the music itself is full of raw emotion and feeling, this is amplified further by the singer’s extremely capable voice. With a wide range in his performance, he adds a layer of icing to this proverbial cake that makes A Prelude to Sorrow even greater than the sum of its parts.

Bolstered by a clear, crisp recording, this album is an essential listen for any heavy/power/progressive metal fan.

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