From Eden to Exile – Modern Disdain (Review)

From Eden to ExileFrom Eden to Exile are a metal band from the UK and this is their debut album.

Now this I like. Playing modern, crushing, heavily aggressive metal with plenty of bite and attitude, From Eden to Exile impress as soon as you press play.

Operating at the heavier, more extreme end of the spectrum of bands such as Sylosis, Lamb of God, Pantera, etc., From Eden to Exile incorporate elements of thrash metal, NWOAHM, melodic death metal, and deathcore into their style, making for a brutal collection of songs that have a lot to recommend them.

Full of metal chops, tasty riffs, and more than enough hooks to ensnare the listener, the songs combine brutality, melody, and a consistent aggression into some very enjoyable tracks.

Upbeat and energetic, the music on this release represents the band’s UK-influenced vision of the NWOAHM style, meaning it sounds fresher and more infectious than a lot of their American peers. Although not perfect, it’s still an extremely enjoyable take on modern metal, and it is certainly better than most in this genre. I can, and will, be listening to this a Hell of a lot more in the future.

The UK has a long history of producing talented and enjoyable underground metal bands. Sadly, a lot of the time they don’t seem to get the recognition that they deserve in the wider world arena though. Modern Disdain definitely has the potential to be one of the rarer entities that makes a larger splash than a lot of these.

From Eden to Exile have produced an album that takes the best of the unique flavour inherent to UK metal, crosses it with just the right amount of American influence, and covers it all in a professional delivery that should easily see them able to compete with the bigger names out there.

Modern Disdain is a very satisfying and enjoyable listen that should effortlessly be appreciated by anyone into modern heavy music.

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