Time Lurker – Time Lurker (Review)

Time LurkerThis is the debut album from one-man French black metal band Time Lurker.

Time Lurker is atmospheric black metal that’s sophisticated and thoughtful.

Elements of modern, depressive and post-black metal can be heard in places, enhancing and widening the scope of Time Lurker’s atmospherically blackened base.

Despite this, the album still has enough room for the raw, unholy style, showing that there’s fire here alongside the more considered emotive parts.

High pitched screams, blackened melodies, and subtle synths all play their part in creating the grim atmospheres on this release. The songs are well-written and I find them very easy to get absorbed in.

The riffs, dark rhythms, and piercing melodies work together to produce something greater than the sum of their parts. The resulting songs are stronger than you might imagine because of this.

Guest vocalists join the fray across the album, joining the man-behind-the-mask and adding further levels to the vocal delivery and the songs as a whole.

The music shows a range of moods and feelings across its playing time, never spending too long in any one area. Negative emotions, the bedrock of most black metal, are thoroughly explored as you would expect, but I like that the music also incorporates elements of hope and some uplifting parts too, setting itself aside from some of the more one-dimensional bands out there.

Of course, this is all relative, and the average person on the street would no doubt just hear the bleak horror of it all, (well, they’d probably just hear noise actually, I suppose), but the more positive side of the music is there, at least on occasion.

So – mostly darkness, but with streaks of colour intermingled. Either way, it makes for some very compelling music.

Highly recommended.

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