Haze of Summer – Znoi (Review)

Haze of SummerThis is the debut album from Haze of Summer, a Russian black metal project.

Essentially a one-man band fleshed out with guests acting as session musicians, Znoi is a little over half an hour of melodic/post-black metal that takes influence from the bright, modern approach to the style as championed by bands like Deafheaven.

Enhanced by lots of different instruments, (some standard and commonplace such as synths and violin, some not so standard or common such as Balalaika and accordion), this album is a rich, sumptuous, and textured exploration of the boundaries of black metal, while still leaving it recognisable.

Taking the base of the genre, the songs are written with this in mind and then poked, prodded, and teased into their final form of sharp, bright, melodic post-blackened tunes.

The tracks are enjoyable and filled with emotive content. Generally upbeat and with a sunny disposition, there are plenty of energetically jaunty bits in the songs, giving them a kind of folk appeal that wouldn’t seem out of place in a blackened version of Finntroll or Korpiklaani. It also reminds of Windir in places.

We get a bit of variety in the vocals too – thin screams, harsh roars, clean chants, and spoken word all appear and are performed well.

This is a very enjoyable and well-written slice of warm, uplifting post-black metal. Check this out.


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