Soulrot – Nameless Hideous Manifestations (Review)

SoulrotSoulrot are a death metal band from Chile and this is their debut album.

Sometimes you absolutely just know that you must listen to a band as soon as you can – this was my exact reaction upon first seeing the cover of Nameless Hideous Manifestations. Who says album artwork isn’t important in the digital age?

This is old-school death metal, straight from the underground. It basically sounds exactly like the album cover leads you to believe, but is no less satisfying because of this; probably more so in fact.

The band take influence from the Swedish style in their sound. This is apparent enough to be a main contributor, but not enough to be the only factor here; other influences infect their music too.

The music crushes with a combination of throat-stomping riffs and macabre melodies. It’s a largely mid-to-a-bit-faster-than-mid-paced affair, although they do go faster and slower than this too, of course.

Rolling grooves and blast beats are both used effectively, and when they’re not brutally smashing your skull in they’re creating dark atmospheres to put The Fear into your soul. Yes, I like this music.

Deep cavernous growling is the vocal style of choice for this horde of daemons. It’s what you’d expect for this kind of thing and the singer can’t be faulted in this regard. I imagine he chews souls in his spare time.

Well, the album cover got me all excited to listen to this, and the actual music has not disappointed.

Check this out for an old-school, underground hit of the good stuff.

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