Barathrum – Fanatiko (Review)

BarathrumBarathrum are a Finnish black metal band and this is their ninth album.

This is old-school black metal with plenty of groovy mid-paced sections that drip filth everywhere and generally make a mess all over everything they touch.

This is the Finnish veteran’s first album in 12 years, but what they may have lacked in quantity they’ve more than made up for in quality.

As you’d expect for a band with more than one bassist, this is tar-thick and murky, making for black metal that’s dark, dank and evil.

The songs are sludgy, grime-covered affairs that combine slower doom aspects with more upbeat heavy metal ones. This effectively merges the two to great effect so that the tracks work equally well whether they’re slowly crushing you, or whether they’re rocking out to a thick, groovy beat.

The riffs are infectious no matter what they’re doing, and the level of filthy malevolence that follows the music around like a sick miasma only enhances the band’s delivery.

Vocally we get inhuman, unhinged screams and cries, sounding utterly depraved and full of grisly, gruesome noises.

This is a very enjoyable release. With the kind of dirty sound that’s still solid and heavy, these tracks show that Barathrum have lost none of their Hellfire and can still produce ghastly music with the best of them.


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