Soulrot – Victims of Spiritual Warfare (Review)

Soulrot - Victims of Spiritual WarfareThis is the second album from Soulrot, a death metal band from Chile.

I enjoyed 2017’s Nameless Hideous Manifestations, which was a solid slab of underground Swedish-influenced old-school death metal. Boasting 40 minutes of material, what does Victims of Spiritual Warfare hold for us? Continue reading “Soulrot – Victims of Spiritual Warfare (Review)”

Soulrot – Nameless Hideous Manifestations (Review)

SoulrotSoulrot are a death metal band from Chile and this is their debut album.

Sometimes you absolutely just know that you must listen to a band as soon as you can – this was my exact reaction upon first seeing the cover of Nameless Hideous Manifestations. Who says album artwork isn’t important in the digital age? Continue reading “Soulrot – Nameless Hideous Manifestations (Review)”