Behind the Sun – Post Solis (Review)

Behind the SunBehind the Sun are a Progressive Metal band from the US. This is their debut EP.

Behind the Sun play extreme metal that takes a progressive view of its influences, delivering half an hour or so of modern music that engages and satisfies.

With a strong sound that’s professional and clear enough to show off the band’s talent, the release is a collection of songs that demonstrate what the band can do in no uncertain terms.

Post Solis is an interesting and captivating merging of older Opeth, older Between the Buried and Me and more recent Enslaved. This has produced some quality music that combines melody, savagery, complexity and simplicity, usually all within the same track and sometimes even at the same time.

Clearly skilled musicians, the songs have a good balance of complexity and songcraft, making for enjoyable tracks that have really connected with me. The mixture of melodic death metal and progressive structuring is a great thing to hear. With some added experimentation and quirkiness no doubt inspired by their influences, each track here has an obvious charisma and personality that’s undeniable.

As expected for something of this ilk, there’s plenty of variety and interest to be had across the playing time. The songs twist, turn, burn and remake their environment with ease, with the band exploring and dominating as if this is something they have been doing all of their lives.

Savage screamed vocals are enhanced and backed up by other singing styles here and there, with the odd growl and clean vocal of particular note. The band keep the screams as the main mode of attack for most of the time, allowing the other styles to shine when they do appear.

One of the many things that I like about this release is that although it wears its influences proudly for all to see, it’s certainly also greater than the sum of them. At no point do you feel like you’re listening to a derivative of better bands. In fact, you feel grateful that the bands mentioned earlier have indirectly produced a band as enjoyable and ambitious as Behind the Sun.

Post Solis is a hugely impressive listen from a band that sound way more advanced and mature than you would expect considering how long they’ve been around, and yet there’s still an obvious passion and hunger here too. I can’t get enough of this, and I’m already eager for more.

Yes. Post Solis is not enough. More please!

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