Temple of Nihil – Soul Extremist (Review)

Temple of NihilTemple of Nihil are a black metal band from Russia and this is their debut EP.

Temple of Nihil specialise in occult black metal with a tasty guitar tone and a daemonic persona.

The EP boasts a solid sound that even allows you to hear the bass, which is somewhat of a black metal rarity. Guitar solos are also included, giving the impression that the band like their classic metal and first wave black metal alongside their more obvious second wave influences.

Dark blackened melodies are let loose alongside the withering blast beats, and the distorted grooves make short work of the song lengths.

These tracks are unforgiving and merciless, seemingly relentless in their intent and focused direction. The use of different speeds shows a band comfortable with their delivery, without feeling the need to hide behind blasting intensity all of the time.

Strong screaming rasps are performed with passion and vigour, providing a central point of attack.

Soul Extremist is a quality hit of black metal. Confident enough to be itself and with a nice headbanging aspect to it, Temple of Nihil have more than proven their worth on their debut release.

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