Mordant – Demonic Satanic (Review)

MordantThis is the third album from Swedish black/death metallers Mordant.

Mordant play a hybrid black/death style that takes influence from the Swedish melodic scene.

I’d say that, overall, the band lean more to the blackened side of the black/death equation, but it’s a matter of perspective I suppose. Either way, there’s elements of both first and second wave black metal in their sound, as well as old-school death metal.

The music is fast and melodic, with good leads frequently accompanying the rhythm guitars. The band usually stop short of going blast beat-fast most of the time, instead opting for a pace that suits the old-school sound more.

The vocals are ancient rasps that once more speak of the band’s old-school origins.

Demonic Satanic is a solid album that has a satisfying feel to it. It’s easily appreciated by anyone with a penchant for the older styles, and it’s clear that Mordant know their material well.

Make sure you check this out and give it a listen.

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