Ghost Season – Like Stars in a Neon Sky (Review)

Ghost SeasonGhost Season are a modern metal band from Greece. This is their debut album.

I enjoyed their 2014 EP Ghosts Like Her, so it’s good to see the band putting out their first full-length release.

However, a lineup change, including a new singer, mean that the Ghost Season of 2017 is a different beast to that of their first EP.

So with that in mind, let’s put aside thoughts of the EP, and turn afresh to Like Stars in a Neon Sky.

Well, it’s apparent that the band have obviously poured a lot of their time, passion and ambition into this release. This comes through loud and clear in the attention to detail and the polished, well-finished veneer that the album has.

The songs are modern melodic metal with quality vocals and some good songwriting shown. Mix bits of Trivium, Machine Head and Disturbed together and you’ll have a decent idea of where Ghost Season are starting from. I should stress that Ghost Season have their own personality though; these influences are just that.

There’s lots of catchy material spread across these 52 minutes, both musically and via their talented singer. In fact, some of the hooks and melodies that their singer belts out are very more-ish indeed.

The songs are well-played and there are a fair few decent riffs on the album. This style is not a riff-focused one though, and the band’s strengths lie in when they combine emotive music with a strong vocal section.

Like Stars in a Neon Sky is a very strong debut album. There are a lot of good songs here, with lots of catchy and memorable tunes within. Although there’s a little fat that could do with being trimmed, for the most part this is a lean, professionally prepared slab of meat, with more than enough substance for fans of the style to get their teeth into.

Briefly turning back to their early EP – it’s clear that the band have progressed and developed in leaps and bounds since this initial release. Like Stars in a Neon Sky is more mature, better composed and an all-round superior collection of songs.

I have enjoyed this a lot. Have a listen and see if you do too.

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