Au Champ des Morts – Dans la Joie (Review)

Au Champ des MortsAu Champ des Morts are a French black metal band and this is their debut album.

This is contemporary black metal that has a firm foundation in the traditional style, but updated for the modern day with post-black metal, atmospheric and blackgaze influences.

Dans la Joie is full of emotive and textured black metal that veers quite close to the depressive style in places. This is backed up by the atmospheric and post-black metal elements to create an album of music that certainly doesn’t lack depth or feeling.

Subtle yet ubiquitous keyboards/synths add a layer of extra feeling and mood to the songs, enhancing the delivery of music that’s already rich and nuanced. The aggression is still here though, and the band can let loose when they need to with fiery blackened spite.

Harrowing screams are the main method of vocal delivery, aided and abetted by clean singing and moaning, sometimes stirring and epic in nature, while at others these vocals take on more of an avant-garde tone.

Mix elements of Deafheaven, Emperor, Forgotten Tomb, Wayfarer and Alcest together into a deep, dark cauldron and you’ll have an idea of where Au Champ des Morts are coming from.

Dans la Joie is 52 minutes of top-quality emotive black metal that more than deserves a home in your collection. Check it out.

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