The Furor – Cavalries of the Occult (Review)

The FurorThis is the fifth album from The Furor, a black/thrash/death metal band from Australia.

Mixing black metal with death metal and thrash, this is furious war metal that’s aggressive as Hell and is on an all-out attack.

Well, the drumming is insane on this release. Performed by a member of Impiety, his playing is intense and unrelenting.

The musicianship of the other instruments is top-notch too, mind. I particularly enjoy the solos on these songs, as these are played very well and are frequently fast, fluid and seemingly effortless. Leads occasionally appear to flare up out of nowhere, and I always like it when they do this as the sounds they make are always quite inventive and certainly the guitars in general are better than the norm for a blackened death/thrash band.

Although the music is highly aggressive there’s still room for some melodic parts here and there and these add colour and depth to the band’s vicious assault.

Both the songs and the album as a whole are on the longer side of things for this kind of release, but there’s enough quality content here to justify the playing time.

The Furor have produced a 54 minute album that rips, tears and absolutely destroys. Listen at full volume.

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