Wayfarer – Old Souls (Review)

WayfarerThis is the second album from this US atmospheric post-black metal band.

Children of the Iron Age introduced us to Wayfarer’s quality, interesting black metal and was a pretty damn stunning début album in many ways.

Old Souls is not as long as their first album, (18 minutes shorter), but we still get some epic, sprawling tracks.

Wayfarer have a nice, satisfying sound on Old Souls, with thick distortion and solid drums. The album reeks of quality even before the insidious melodies and riffs worm their way into your head.

The songs once again combine elements of post-metal reflection and expansive exploratory passages with blackened aggression and heavy emotion. These tracks get under your skin and after repeated spins they truly become a part of you.

Light and shade are made extensive use of, as they were on the first album, and the songs are richly textured and emotive beasts. Wayfarer can turn on a very primal aggression when they want to though, unleashing nature’s fury through the medium of dark, black metal. The balance they strike between the harsh and the sublime is wonderfully achieved through good structuring and an intimate knowledge and feel for the material’s essence.

The singer’s traditional screams are like a tearing of space-time, and when he occasionally unleashes growls they’re like harbingers of the end, so deep and ominous are they.

Another triumph from Wayfarer; another album to add to your collection of music that creates vast emotive soundscapes in blackened hues.

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