Necroven – Primordial Subjugation (Review)

NecrovenThis is the second album from Spanish death metallers Necroven.

Necroven worship at the altar of old-school death metal and serve up Primordial Subjugation with a visceral assault on the senses. Aggressive 90s death metal styles are smashed together at high speed to create 36 minutes of music that’s a joyful ride through everything dark, macabre and brutal.

Sharp rhythms are artfully played by people that clearly know the style inside out. The songs on this release are solid, robust and aren’t shy about flexing their considerable musical muscles.

Although adept at brutality, the band also use mood and feeling in the songs, via dark melodies and other grimly evocative guitar parts. The addition of these atmospheric elements into the death metal mix elevates Primordial Subjugation above many of its peers and produces a superior set of songs for the listener to enjoy.

Well-written and well-performed, there’s not much to dislike on this album. With a singer that has a bestial roar and a production that catches the ethos of the band and their style perfectly, I can’t help but be hugely bowled over by this.

If you like the early Morbid Angel, Incantation, Asphyx and Immolation material then I heartily recommend catching up with Necroven. Primordial Subjugation is a very strong and very enjoyable slab of dark death metal.

Highly recommended.

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