Green Bastard – Pyre (Review)

Green BastardGreen Bastard are a doom band from the US.




There, I’ve got that out of my system.


Okay, just one more, for fun’s sake.

So, here we have 55 minutes of Sleep-influenced doom metal, with the playing time chopped up into three monolithic tracks.

It does frequently seem to be the case that bands with only three members seem to be able to create such a colossally huge sound that you start wondering if they have hidden musicians lurking somewhere just out of sight. Green Bastard sound big.

Pyre is full of drawn-out, repetitive, droning riffs that pull you in and hypnotise with their swirling power. It’s a bass-heavy assault that can leave you breathless. I have a severe soft spot for this kind of music and Green Bastard do their thing so damn well that as soon as they start playing you’re transported off into a land of scuzzed-up fuzzy doom where strange coloured smoke covers the land and everything seems as heavy as a rhino.

The guitars and bass work wonders together across these sprawling songs. Heavy, hearty riffs are accompanied by some effortlessly engaging melodies, leads and solos, creating a vast sonic soundscape for the listener to explore. Add in the underpinning might of the drummer and you’ve got a great recipe for top-drawer doom metal.

The vocals are quite diverse across the tracks. At various points they consist of a multitude of well-performed shouts, deep growls, a more half-sung/half-shouted semi-clean style, actual singing and all kinds of other stuff. In general the vocals have a strongly emotive delivery and are one of many stand-out features of this release. All are pitched at just the right level in the mix and all styles successfully hold their own against the barrage of heaviness that the guitars and bass constantly unleash.

These are very well-crafted songs. It speaks volumes of the talent of the band that there’s more to Green Bastard than just mind-numbing heaviness and repetitive riffing. This form of delivery alone would make for a compelling record, but the icing on the cake with Pyre is the high levels of emotive content that goes alongside this. Manifesting mainly in the guitar leads and the textured vocals, it makes for a listen that’s near-guaranteed to stand the test of time.

Very highly recommended.

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