Blissful Stream – Ascending Demons (Review)

Blissful StreamBlissful Stream is a one-man doom project from Sweden. This is his debut EP.

This is lo-fi doom rock with a distinctly ancient feel to it. Ascending Demons offers up 15 minutes of this, with downbeat riffs and the some old-school death/doom-styled melodies mixed in.

This certainly makes me feel nostalgic for the old Peaceville days in some ways, although as a whole Ascending demons has more of a bluesy, rockish side to it than the old Anathema/Paradise Lost/etc. did.

The vocals have plenty of character and are seemingly as ancient as the music. With a firm, confident delivery, the singer exercises his lungs with a decent performance.

I think my favourite thing about this release is probably the forlorn melodies, although obviously the surrounding musical scaffold is important to the effectiveness of these parts.

I like this. It’s written-well and has a simple, honest catchiness to it that’s missing from a lot of music these days.

Check it out.

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