Deranged – Struck by a Murderous Siege (Review)

DerangedThis is the ninth album by Swedish brutal death metallers Deranged.

If you’ve been into death metal for any amount of time, you’ve probably heard of Deranged. Here, they present their ninth album in all of its bloody glory.

They may be from Sweden, but this is death metal in the American style. Heavy brutality is added to by touches of technicality to produce eight tracks of blasting and rhythmic aggression.

The production values are high, as you would expect, and Struck by a Murderous Siege sounds muscular and strong, ready to pound you into the dust. With a fleshy, organic sound, Deranged are ready to kill.

The riffs slither and grind like giant snakes coiling around prey. The guttural vocals sound inhumanly brutal and the drummer lashes out at his kit like a many-armed daemon. Solos add splashes of colour here and there, like vast sprays of blood at a crime scene. Thundering grooves and contagious riffs capture your attention with the immediacy of a sharp blade, but there’s more than enough longevity to satisfy too.

The band’s sense of what makes a good death metal song is highly defined at this point, which means that Struck by a Murderous Siege is a highly developed release; don’t let the easy brutality fool you – this is a band that know what they’re doing with the style.

This is a thoroughly brutal album that delights in the screams of its victims and uses its 40 minutes to batter, bruise and break them.

A very, very enjoyable release. One to check out at full volume.

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