The End – Age of Apocalypse (Review)

The EndThe End are a death metal band from the US. This is their debut EP.

Featuring ex-members of Massacre and Death, this is 13 minutes of old-school Floridian death metal that sees the band take their Death/Massacre backgrounds and use them to craft a brutal assault that also takes more current influences into account.

The old-school Floridian scene is immediately apparent in the songwriting and quality of the riffs. The Floridian influence in the guitar department is so obvious it couldn’t be anything else, and everything fits together easily around this, put together by people who know the style inside out.

The deep growling vocals are joined by high-pitched screams that seem to accompany perfectly the rolling riffs. These four short songs are filled to the brim with catchy brutality and aggressive grooves.

Age of Apocalypse has some well-written songs on it. It may not last long, but it certainly makes a good impression. If there’s going to be more of this in the future then I’ll definitely be listening to it.

A very short, but very enjoyable release. Make sure you check out The End.

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