Waldgeflüster – Ruinen (Review)

WaldgeflusterThis is the fourth album by German black metal band Waldgeflüster.

Waldgeflüster play atmospheric post-black metal with lashings of the second wave thrown in for good blackened measure and some healthy old-school doom aspects to parts of their sound. It’s a beguiling mix and Ruinen is a highly emotive and comprehensive release.

Post-metal melodies flare up in their resplendence, warring with the darker strains of blackened misery that are promulgated as undercurrents in the music.

There’s a lot of vocal variety, all used appropriately and with dark style throughout. Alongside the more traditional blackened screams we also get more 90s-oriented doom metal-esque vocals, along with chants, semi-cleans, cleans and all manner of other vocalisations.

The compositions on Ruinen are typically lengthy affairs that are expansive and exploratory in their sound. The carefully crafted music is designed to wring out every last drop of atmosphere from the well-composed songs. The band seem to have tapped a rich vein of quality material in the quest for inspiration for Ruinen, and there’s 65 minutes of it on this album.

The band play in multiple speeds and with various different moods, equally adept at emotive savagery as they are in creating doomed atmospheres that use misery and darkness as tools to fashion seductively blackened soundscapes.

An incredibly well-realised release with a lot of textured delivery to the performances, Waldgeflüster have created something worth returning to again and again.

Highly recommended.

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